Milner-Walker Family


James Milner Walker 1845-1903
James Milner Walker 1845-1903

This site has been set up essentially, for anyone interested in Milner-Walker extended family history.

The first official occurrence of the surname Milner-Walker that we can discover, was in 1889 on the birth of my great uncle Harold Brandford Milner-Walker. His father,James Milner Walker (left) was born in 1845. His parents were Alexander Walker and Elizabeth Milner and they were married in 1837.

James Milner Walker (my great grandfather) joined the family names of Milner and Walker together. It was common practice at that time to give children a second name which was often a family name and James’ middle name of Milner, was his mothers maiden name.

James was a staunch Catholic and it is said that the name Milner came from an uncle, Bishop John Milner (1752-1826) who was heavily involved in the emancipation of the Catholics in the 18th Century and that his mother, Elizabeth was the last in that particular line of Milners.

The plan is for this site to grow and include more family stories, but in the meantime, please enjoy browsing the family tree and let me know of any mistakes or errors or any point of interest that arises that you find as you dig around the site.

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